Kauai has the Very Best!

One of the best places to SCUBA, Kauai has dozens of companies just waiting to take you on the best SCUBA trip of your life. Most companies offer instructions to register you as a SCUBA diver as well as excursions for those who are already licensed. From lessons for first-time divers to those who are seeking additionally licensure, you can find it all on Kauai. Activities may be discounted for first-time divers as well.

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When you are looking for a company with whom to SCUBA, you want to make sure they are licensed instructors with PADI, the Professional Association of Dive Instructors. Additionally, you want to verify exactly what is covered in the price. For example, does the price of your lessons include your SCUBA gear rental or is that separate?


Finding a Quality Company

The very best way to choose a company is to go to the PADI website and search for companies in Hawaii and then look for those located in Kauai. Anyone can capture the PADI logo and add it to their website; however, those listed on the PADI website are definitely licensed. In addition, if you have problems with a dive center where people seem under-qualified, you can report the problems to PADI.

Read the following reviews for information on just a few of the SCUBA Kauai companies located around the island.

Dive Kauai SCUBA Center

Dive Kauai owns the majority of SCUBA Kauai companies on the island. Dive Kauai SCUBA Center, Sunrise SCUBA Adventures, Kauai Nitrox Divers, Snorkel Cat Adventure Tours and Adventure Travel Kauai are all part of this one company. All instructors are certified and have been trained to use a variety of diving techniques and tools. As a member of PADI, the company guarantees that their instructors are knowledgeable and capable.

Seasport Divers

Seasport Divers offers some of the best options of any dive center I've seen anywhere. Not only do they offer classes at their location, but they also participate in a referral program so that you can complete all your bookwork and testing at your home dive center and finish your certification by doing your dives in the beautiful waters of Kauai. They also offer great packages and allow non-certified divers to complete a free lesson after which they can join an afternoon ocean dive after learning to SCUBA Kauai.

Whichever company you choose and wherever you dive, you will be sure to create lasting memories by enjoying SCUBA Kauai while you are here!

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Seasport Divers

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