Private Kauai Vacation Rentals: Hidden and Spacious

Many private Kauai vacation rentals are available on the island. These rentals are often located in exclusive and secluded locations overlooking the ocean. Perhaps you want a beautiful spot on the beach or you want to look out onto the ocean from the cliffs high above - you can choose from these options and thousands of others. Kauai vacation rentals are a huge market, and you are sure to find a great place to spend your vacation.

private Kauai vacation rentals

Celebrities often rent these private Kauai vacation rentals from companies such as Celebrity Getaways so that they can rest and relax in peace. I cannot even imagine the frustrations of having people watching you wherever you go. But, can you imagine getting to stay where Ben Stiller stayed? Kind of cool, huh?


There are many Kauai vacation rentals that can offer you comfort and convenience. One of the best homes is Hale Mana. Situated on a huge bluff overlooking the ocean, this private Kauai vacation rental has a path leading down to the beach, a beautifully-decorated interior and a hot tub. With 10,000 square feet the house can hold ten guests as easily with others sleeping on the floor if needed. So, give Hale Mana a try for your next family vacation!

The beaches at Hale Mana and similar private Kauai vacation rentals are generally either private beaches or very quiet, almost deserted beaches. If you want to be alone with your family, then staying at private Kauai vacation rentals is the way to go!

You can find great deals on Kauai vacation rentals through such companies as

Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc., Bali Hai Realty, and Remax Kauai.

All of these are very reputable companies, and you can find many others by performing a quick Internet search. Enjoy your stay at private Kauai vacation rentals!

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Here are four spacious, private, self-contained Kauai vacation rentals that are perfect for nature lovers and travelers who enjoy getting "off the beaten track"
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