Experts Agree: Poipu Kauai has
the Most Beautiful Beach in the World

Many countries offer picturesque beaches but only Poipu in Kauai has been continuously touted as the world's MOST beautiful and welcoming beach.  Travelers to this paradise on the southern shore of Kauai will concur.  Chosen as top dog by the Travel Channel in 2004, Poipu welcomes visitors again and again to come and explore its crescent-shaped, golden sand beaches, meet its friendly people, and stay at some of Hawaii's most lovely and pristine accommodations.

The climate is perfect in Poipu.  Kauai boasts a number of different micro-climates.  The southern town of Poipu is considered to be semi-arid tropical.  That means the daily temperatures range from a comfortable 75 to 85 degrees during the day and dip down into the mid 60s in the evening.  The mountain range of Haupu blocks most of the rain from falling upon Poipu and the Kauai tradewinds keep the beaches comfortable despite the consistent sunny skies.  A trip into the mountains may require some warmer clothing.


Famous Kauai Beaches

While the South Shore boasts a number of terrific beaches, Poipu has by far become the most popular, thanks to those who continuously sing its praises.  As a matter of fact, Poipu is Kauai's premiere beach destination. 

Poipu Beach Park contains the longest stretch of beach on the South Shore and is home to both Poipu Beach and Brennecke Beach.  The park, lined with graceful palms, is a great place for visitors of all ages, providing picnic tables and pavilions that are perfect for enjoying lunch or a relaxing break in the shade.  For beachgoers there are changing facilities, showers, and restrooms available. A small market for refreshments and sundries, a  pleasant restaurant for a relaxing bite to eat or a cool drink make Poipu Beach Park a delightful experience.  An abundance of free parking is available across from the park, a comfortable walking distance of most of the area's resorts and hotels.

Sun-worshippers traveling to the beaches of Poipu in Kauai have three sections of beach from which to choose.  The easternmost section is a small cove that's been dubbed "Baby Beach" thanks to its shallow waters.  Parents of toddlers love this beach because the water deepens gradually.  That's perfect for little ones who still crawl or are just becoming comfortable with the water.

Continue west to a great area for those who'd prefer to spend the day floating their cares away.  This section of Poipu Beach, with gentle waves, make it the perfect place for young swimmers because the land slopes gradually, allowing for a slow descent into deeper waters. Young boogie boarders love this part of Poipu Beach.

Travel further west and you'll find a lagoon just beyond the sandbar that's become world-renowned for snorkeling.  Visitors to this section of the beach in Poipu, Kauai are wowed by the diverse and colorful marine life that dominates the waters of this sector of the Poipu Beach Park.  You may even spot a few Hawaiian Monk Seals, known to frequent the area.

Brennecke Beach, at the eastern end of the park, is a favorite location for both boogie boarders and surfers, thanks to its gnarly waves that are fun to ride.

Fun Kauai Activities

Fun at Poipu Kauai, however, isn't only limited to a day at the beach.  There are two championship courses nearby where guests to the area can enjoy an invigorating round of golf.   Visitors can also play tennis, go horseback riding, enjoy canoeing or kayaking and go fishing, so activities are plentiful!     

If you'd like to take in a little Hawaiian history, walk, bike, or drive the 10-mile Koloa Heritage Trail.  All of these provide guests to the Poipu Kauai area a wonderful opportunity to learn about the natural history, archaeology, people, and culture of the Koloa District. Visit the little Koloa History Center for a good introduction to the area.

Shopping and Dining in Kauai

Everyone likes to shop and visitors to Poipu are no exception.  There are lots of wonderful little shops in both the Poipu Shopping Village and nearby in Old Koloa Town, ranging from large department stores to glitzy boutiques to tiny stores that offer tropical clothing and gifts.  Click here to learn about the many shops in and around Poipu.  Kauai has certainly become well-known for its fine merchants.

Finding great food is simple, too.  With more than forty area restaurants, Poipu eateries offer a wide variety of international cuisines as well as traditional Polynesian meals and some of the best gourmet food in the Hawaiian Islands.

Kauai Accommodations

Accommodations in Poipu range from small inns or B&Bs for romantic adventures to hotels, resorts and condominiums, and fully-equipped vacation rentals, perfect for families.  Each offer their own special amenities, be it a pool, a relaxing spa center, or just a romantic place to gather for evening cocktails.  Most are on or near the ocean and some are located on the neighboring hillside community of Kalaheo.

Regardless of where you stay, what you eat, and where you swim, the South Shore's Poipu in Kauai offers travelers everything you'd expect from "The Best Beach in the World."

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