Luxury Rental Homes in Kauai
Live like the Rich and Famous

Luxury rental homes in Kauai may actually be better than home. I remember on my second trip to Kauai when I walked into my luxury rental home - I was shocked to see that not only were the furnishings gorgeous, but the place had everything. Sure the rental company had told me about the property's amenities, but I could hardly believe my eyes! Hundreds of DVDs lined the shelves, and the wine cellar was stocked full for our drinking pleasure!

Kauai vacation rentals

I spent the entire first day just exploring our new vacation home. I had never stayed in luxury rental homes in Kauai before, and I just couldn't believe that this would be my home away from home for the next few days. I kept telling my husband to pinch me because I was in a state of shock. My kids ran around asking why our home wasn't like the luxury rental home. Honestly, with the huge DVD collection, I was not sure that I could even pull the kids out of the house for a few minutes!

The good news is that as soon as they saw the cool trail down to the beach my worries were put to rest! The path allowed them to play hide and seek while racing each other down to the sandy shores of the ocean. We adults could follow at a slower pace and watch the children frolic in the water. When everyone got hot, we could simply move under the trees at the bottom of the path and relax. What a life!


Finding the Best

There are many luxury rental homes in Kauai that can offer you the same comfort and convenience. One of the best homes is Hale Mana. Situated on a huge bluff overlooking the ocean, this luxury rental homes in Kauai has a path leading down to the beach, a beautifully-decorated interior and a hot tub. With 10,000 square feet the house can hold ten guests as easily with others sleeping on the floor if needed. So, give Hale Mana a try for your next family vacation!

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