Kauai Snorkeling: Fun For Everyone

Kauai snorkeling

Kauai snorkeling is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. For once you won't have to go to a theme park to make your kids happy. No roller coaster can beat a day of snorkeling and watching the amazing ocean life off the coast of Kauai. You can explore islands, tunnels, and the ocean shores snorkeling.  And best of all snorkeling is very low cost, even for a whole family.  Once you've rented your equipment at reasonable daily or weekly rates, the fun is FREE for everyone at any of the great Kauai beaches.

If you want a little more adventure check out one of the boat charters described below.  They'll often take you to special remote locations with exceptional reef formations and an abundance of marine wildlife.


Snorkeling Excursions

There are many companies in Kauai with snorkeling classes and excursions. Children over the age of 5 are generally welcomed on these cruises, but be sure to check with the individual companies before planning your trip. Here is a review of just a few of the snorkeling companies in Kauai.

HoloHolo Charters

HoloHolo Charters offers a variety of Kauai activities from snorkeling to dinner cruises. The company offers two snorkeling excursions: Na Pali Coast and the Island of Ni'hau. The Na Pali Coast excursion takes visitors to a hidden cove amidst huge cliffs where you can dive in and see the sea life. The Island of Ni'hau tour visits one of the oldest islands of Hawaii, and visitors can explore the nearby waters. All tours include breakfast, lunch, drinks, and gear; the prices are very reasonable. HoloHolo Charters also offers another one of the wonderful Kauai activities: a sunset cruise. Enjoy the sunset on board with the ones you love! Kauai snorkeling is fabulous with HoloHolo Charters!

Captain Andy's

Kauai snorkeling and a picnic? Yes, you can have both at Captain Andy's. Their marvelous five hour cruise takes you not only to see the depths of the ocean but also the heights of the cliffs of Kauai. The snorkel gear and instruction is included in the price of the tour, but they do remind you to bring sunscreen so you won't end the day in pain. The company also offers sunset and dinner cruises, taking you along the various coasts of the island.

Kauai Sea Tours

Kauai Sea Tours offers unique options for your snorkeling trip. They have special permission from the Parks Service to land at Nu'alolo Kai beach so that you can enjoy the rare experience of seeing the coral reef and all its inhabitants. However, you cannot bring fish food on the trip or you may ruin the ecology of the coral reef and the surrounding waters.

All these companies offer wonderful Kauai snorkeling for the whole family. The memories from this experience will last a lifetime. Remember your waterproof camera as you sail off to enjoy the treasures of the deep.

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