Kauai Restaurants offer Fine Cuisine,
Fun Foods, and Island Atmosphere

On the island of Kauai, restaurants and other eateries are as varied as the island itself.  Slowly, the island has gained a reputation as a great place to experience fine and varied cuisine, from such simple fare as mouth-watering burgers to extraordinary Pacific Rim specialties. 

In large resort areas, like Poipu and Princeville, many hotels offer five-star restaurants along with chefs who've gained a reputation in the food industry as some of the finest in the business.  Hotel restaurants are usually a safe bet and are conveniently located near lodging and activities. 

restaurant in Kauai

The best Kauai restaurants, cafes, bistros, and snack shacks, however, are usually located off the beaten track and are best identified by locals and frequent visitors to the island.  These "mom and pop"-type eateries usually offer not only great food but also prices that tend to be more reasonable than chain or resort restaurants.

These out-of-the-way Kauai restaurants, with perhaps just a handful of tables, also tend to be situated in picturesque locations, not easy to find but well worth the effort it takes to get there.  Ask a local where they enjoy eating.  Most likely, they'll choose a place that's not crowded with visitors, doesn't feature the prices of many "tourist trap" restaurants, and most assuredly serves some of the best food on the island. 


The Best of Kauai Dining

Throughout the beautiful Garden Isle, one can usually find whatever they need to satisfy their hunger.  While some portions of the island offer more variety than others, it's usually just a short drive to reach the cuisine you crave, from Italian to Japanese to Hawaii's outstanding seafood.  With the help of a handful of locals and some satisfied travelers, we've compiled a list of some of the best in Kauai.  Restaurants are listed by region, so plan your itinerary accordingly in order to reach your choice in time to enjoy a mouth-watering meal.

North Shore

Hanalei, with its splendid beauty, make it a great spot to enjoy lunch or dinner along with one of the most picturesque views on the island.  Check out these Kauai restaurants on your trip through Hanalei:

Princeville boasts some of the best restaurants in Kauai, many of them located at area hotels and resorts as well as many small local establishments, so it's easy to find a variety of cuisine in this popular tourist town.  Here are a few ideas:

South Shore

Of all the places in Kauai, restaurants in Poipu are among the finest.  However, not all of them are overly expensive.  Plenty are affordable and appropriate for the whole family.  Here's a sampling of a few restaurants near the "best beach in the world." 

West Side

In this region of Kauai, restaurants aren't quite as plentiful as they are in the more crowded tourist areas of the north and south regions.  The town of Hanapepe, however, boasts a few good places to stop for a meal.  Check out these restaurants:

Coconut Coast

Kauai restaurants

The town of Kapaa is the place to visit for a great meal on the Coconut Coast.  The selections are eclectic though the cuisine is largely Hawaiian or Asian, and the prices are lower than those in many Kauai restaurants.  Try these favorite eateries:


This tiny region of Kauai boasts lots of good places to grab a meal.  Despite its size, Lihue offers guests a varied selection of restaurants ranging from fine Asian cuisine to good old American barbecue.  Here are a few examples of Lihue Kauai restaurants:

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