Kauai Helicopter Tour
Capture the Magic of Kauai from the Sky

A Kauai helicopter tour is enjoyable outing for the entire family. I absolutely loved seeing Kauai from the sky myself. Of all the tours I took while in Kauai, I was most impressed by the helicopter tour. We could see everything from the sky, even areas we had missed when traveling by foot or car.

Kauai helicopter tour

Kauai's most beautiful spots can only be seen in their proper glory from the air. Waimea Canyon is especially beautiful from the air. At 3,500 feet deep, the canyon is an enchanting, breathtaking view to see. Mark Twain properly called it the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" though its beauty is far more striking than that of the mainland Grand Canyon in my opinion.


When you are looking for Kauai tours and especially a Kauai helicopter tour, you need to look at all your options. In order to make that process a little easier, here is a basic review of the major Kauai helicopter tour companies.

Air Kauai Helicopters

Chuck DiPiazza is the owner of Air Kauai Helicopters. He moved to the island in 1988 after recognizing his love for the island and flying Kauai helicopter tours. With Bose headsets and leather seats, Air Kauai is high class flying all the way. Their website offers a form and a phone number so that you can receive more information on their services.

Heli USA Airways, Inc.

Heli USA Airways, Inc. is a a company that stretches across the United States from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas and even to Kauai. The company has a lot of experience with helicopter tours, and they will make sure that your view of Kauai will be spectacular.

Ohana Helicopter Tours

Ohana Helicopter Tours claims a place as the only Hawaiian owned and operated helicopter tour company in the Hawaiian Isles. The tours take guests from the Napali coast to Lumahai Beach ('South Pacific' Nurses Beach) to Waimea Canyon (Grand Canyon of the Pacific) to Hanalei Bay and on to Mount Waialeale (The wettest spot on Earth). The company offers two different tours: one of 50 minutes costs $185 and one of 65 minutes costs $240.

Seeing Kauai by helicopter is the only way to go. The beauty of the island is truly shown as you fly over canyons and past grand waterfalls. Take a Kauai helicopter tour and truly come to appreciate the island that visitors all know and love.

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