Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway?
A Kauai Cottage is the Perfect Place!

For a honeymoon or romantic vacation, a Kauai cottage can't be beat! There's something warm and cozy about staying in a tucked-away cottage on your honeymoon. Kauai cottages can be found in many places from resorts to private cottages to bed and breakfasts.

Kauai cottage

Choosing a cottage at a resort or a bed and breakfast means that you'll never have to go far to find some food. However, if you are trying to keep the trip a little less expensive, then you may want to choose a private cottage with a kitchen.


Advantages of a Cottage

Romance, romance, and more romance. Every woman has at some point dreamed of spending time with her beloved in a quaint secluded cottage near a tropical beach. There's just something about sitting out on the back porch or deck, sipping champagne that is just the picture of romance. Many of the cottages owners or managers will leave a bottle of champagne and roses in the cottage if they know the couple is celebrating a wedding or an anniversary.

Cottages also have kitchens which when you don't want to get out but are hungry can be a great advantage. Sometimes you just do not feel like having to walk across the resort to the restaurant, but with a refrigerator, microwave, and stove you can make anything your heart desires.

Also, cottages give you the utmost privacy. You can't hear anyone else and they can't hear you. You don't have to worry about screaming kids running up and down the hall or a baby screaming in the middle of the night. You can keep whatever hours you want in the privacy of your very own cottage.

Choosing A Cottage

There are hundreds of Kauai cottages for rent, but you want to choose the perfect Kauai cottage. Single cottages of the premises of a resort are likely cheaper, but they do have some disadvantages. For one, you actually have to clean up after yourself as you will not have a maid. Also, no food or drinks will be included in your price.

Staying at a resort, however, means that you will have a maid come clean up after you each day, but you will need to leave the room at that time or be okay with letting the maid clean around you. You may also have to worry about other people wandering the grounds around your Kauai cottage.

Based on your personality, you will want to choose a Kauai cottage that meets your every need. Nothing is perfect, but you will definitely want to find the closest thing since it is your honeymoon, after all.

To find a Kauai cottage, visit some of these companies: Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc., Bali Hai Realty, and Remax Kauai. These great companies and many others will help you find just the right cottage for your honeymoon.

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