Kauai Beaches
Glistening Sands of Silver

I love the Kauai beaches! There are few other places on Earth that I where I would rather spend my time relaxing. The sands in Kauai shine and shimmer throughout the year, making the beaches seem magical in their beauty. Some of my stress-free moments in life have been spent lying on Kauai beach.

Kauai beaches

What's so special about Kauai? The truth is that everything about Kauai is special. As the oldest of the islands, Kauai still retains a bit of paradise in its midst. From Waimea Canyon with its purple, green, and deep tan colors to the jagged cliffs to the shimmering sands, Kauai is the closest I've ever come to seeing perfection.

Kauai beaches also hold many surprises in store for the wandering visitor. The sides of the shores and the cliffs have caves that were explored be people millions of years ago, and you can enter into their world when you enter the caves. Learn more about the history of Kauai on Wikpedia.


The Kauai Beach Explorer will give you updated information on all the Kauai beaches. Not only can you get directions to the beaches and find out about facilities and lifeguards, but also you can find out about the current weather, hazards of each beach, and whether the water is currently safe to enter. You can also use the activity guide to plan your family's trips to the Kauai beach.

Since my condo had Internet access, I was able to check the Kauai beaches before we went out each day. As much as we loved the beach our condo sat on, we also enjoyed visiting some other beaches where we could join snorkeling groups as well. Rather than going out to a beach only to discover the water was not safe, I could check from the comfort of the condo and change plans if needed. If you have ever tried to keep your children out of the ocean on a hot day, you completely understand the convenience of this service endorsed by the County of Kauai and other companies and organizations.

The Kauai beaches are possibly the most beautiful in the world, and you will find that a day spent there will make you feel as if you have returned to paradise. Enjoy your stay at the Kauai beach.

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