Kauai Beach Villas Rentals
Comfort and Luxury for Everyone

Remember how you always wanted your whole family to take a trip together? You can do that by staying at Kauai beach villas rentals. By renting a larger villa you can fit the whole family in together - grandparents, kids, and even pets! Sharing the house together will cut on bills and connect the family. Additionally, you can spend time together watching the kids playing on the beach right outside the back door.

kauai beach villa rentals

Small condos do not give you the freedom and space provided by Kauai beach villas rentals. Although not often called villas, there are many large, luxury homes available for rent both on the beach and in the mountains. There are pros and cons to staying in each of these places that should be considered by the whole family.


Staying by the beach is wonderful as the children will enjoy playing in the sand. However, if you have very small children, you may find it harder to keep an eye on them at the beach. There is more space for them to disappear, and when the surf is rough, the waters are much more dangerous. Houses in the mountains allow you to see the beach, but you will not have to worry that your toddler snuck out the back and got lost in the ocean.

Some Kauai beach villas rentals may actually be affiliated with hotels on the island. Some of the larger resorts have villas on property that are available for rent. This helps bring together the best of both worlds. You can stay on the beach and know that there is a lifeguard outside watching your children as well. Also, you have access to all the hotel's amenities including spas, restaurants, and swimming pools. In addition, you will have a maid that comes daily to make up the beds, change the sheets, and bring new towels.

These villas are a wonderful option for many families, especially if you want to take the extended family to stay at Kauai beach villas rentals. Both adults and children alike will love staying in these luxurious villas right on the beach.

For some of the best deals and options in Kauai beach villas rentals, visit some of these companies: Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc., Bali Hai Realty, and Remax Kauai.

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