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Looking for Kauai affordable accommodation suggestions?  We've combed the Garden Island to find the best low-cost accommodations for those budget-conscious travelers.  We were happily surprised to find many good choices available all over Kauai.  But furst we'll start with some great money-saving tips that you can apply to any location or resort on Kauai.  Then we'll uncover some specific locations and resorts that we discovered that are hidden treasures yet still very affordable.


Money-Saving Tips

Timing - One of the greatest ways to find your Kauai affordable accommodation is to plan your vacation for one of the least popular travel seasons.  In Kauai the so-called "value season" comes twice a year:  late April through mid-June and then late August through mid-November.  Some accommodations also offer value rates during the weeks between Thanksgiving and mid-December.  Savings can easily be around 10 to 20% discount over the regular season rates.  And if you're looking for a Kauai affordable accommodation you definitely want to avoid the popular holiday seasons around Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years.  

Each resort or agency will set their own dates for their value season so check the websites for details.  And if you don't see anything listed for value season rates always be sure to ask!  So plan ahead and you can avoid the crowds and find affordable accommodations.

Garden View - As you shop around for affordable accommodation in Kauai you'll soon realize that rooms and condos with an ocean view command a big rate premium.  It's always fun to tell folks back home that you're "right on the ocean" or have a fantastic ocean view.  But many visitors to Kauai find that with so many awesome outdoor activities they don't really spend that much time back in their hotel room or condo.  With long days spent strolling the beaches and sightseeing the island you may decide that it's just not worth the 20 to 40% extra for the ocean view.

Weekly Rate - Most accommodations in Kauai offer solid price reductions if you stay for a full week.  Occasionally even cleaning fees disappear for a stay of seven or more days.  Often staying the seventh night reduced the rate by one full night.  So if you can stretch your vacation to six days why not go ahead and stay a full week and enjoy a free night.

By Owner - Many of the best Kauai affordable accommodation choices we found were smaller units offered "by owner".   In fact, even the large resorts have many privately owned units that often rent for a lower rate than if you rent from one of the big resort firms.  Even better, since you're talking directly to the owner you sometimes get special offers with further discounts.  For example, we recently called to reserve a Poipu condo that looked great on the web.  After the owner found out it wasn't available for our dates she offered one of her other units - a much larger two-bedroom condo - for about 25% off the normal rate.  Why?  Because she knew it was a slow season and would rather have the condo rented than to risk it be left vacant.  We recommend the Vacation Rentals By Owner website for it's easy to navigate website, consistent information, and lots of pictures of each unit.

Location, Location, Location

Another Kauai affordable accommodation idea is to consider which part of the island to stay.

East Coast - The most affordable accommodation are located along the East Coast in the coastal towns of Lihue, Wailua and Kapa'a. Lihue Town is a bit inland, but the popular beach area has fine sand next to a protected harbor with good, safe swimming year round.  There are also some surfing breaks at the harbor mouth and several world championship courses along the wild coastline beyond the beach.  North of Lihue lots of accommodation can be found between the small towns of Wailua and Kapa'a.  This area is referred to as the Royal Coconut Coast since it was the main residence of the ancient Hawaiians and in early European times and had a large coconut plantation. Interesting archaeological sites are found in this area alongside the river valley and there are beautiful waterfalls to explore by kayak. The beaches are not that good for swimming due to rough seas and dangerous currents.  In Kapaa, both Kauai Sands and Coconut Beach Resort offer rooms well under $100 a night.

North Coast - The charming town of Hanalei along the rain-forest North Coast with its adjacent purpose built resort village of Princeville back into some of the islands most breathtaking wilderness and has lovely remote beaches along a winding coastal road and several excellent places for snorkeling. Princeville with it's world-class golf, has very expensive luxury accommodation but search around and you'll find plenty of lower cost units as you move away from the golf scene. Hanalei has several small hotels and lots of vacation rentals and bed and breakfast guesthouses. The extremely beautiful Na Pali coastline is accessible from here, with one of the best hiking trails in the State winding its way through rainforest alongside the steep cliffs.   Again, check for privately owned units for rent to find an Kauai affordable accommodation.

South Coast - The highest concentration of beach resorts is at Poipu, along the sunny South Coast. Most accommodation are along the three miles of sandy coastline which in places is broken by big rocky outcrops. There are many vacation rentals at the west end of Poipu, beyond which is the spectacular blowholes, a major tourist interest. Because of the high demand and limited availability the Poipu Beach area is one of the most expensive. To find affordable accommodations near Poipu look inland.  That's right, go inland off the beach, even if only a block or two.  Cheaper units are also found in the nearby towns. A few small hotels and some vacation rentals can be found in historic Waimea Town. This is the access point to the stunning Waimea Canyon, with awesome vistas and extensive hiking trails.

Poipu Kauai affordable accommodation?

Yes, even the popular Poipu area does have some excellent units that can qualify as Kauai affordable accommodation. The Sugar Mill Cottages offer an affordable alternative to more pricey Kauai condos, while still offering the excellent location at Poipu Kai Resort. Poipi Kai resort is not actually beachfront property but has a small part that touches the coastline at two places - Brennecke Beach and Shipwreck Beach. The cottages adjoin the spreading, green lawns and walking trails found throughout Poipu Kai Resort. Area amenities include restaurant, pool and tennis club. Nearby are activity centers from which body boarding, snorkeling equipment and much more can be rented. These smaller cottage accommodations are a great choice for the budget traveler.

The cottages themselves are about the size of a hotel room at roughly 300 square feet and are grouped three vacation rentals per building. Beaches are about 600 yards walk through tropical gardens.   Cottages can be booked through either of the following two resort agencies:

Helpful Links

Hawaiian Airlines website has an on-line cities guide listing accommodations according to several price categories.  Under Inexpensive Accommodations they list over half a dozen Kauai affordable accommodation ideas.

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