Kauai Accommodations
Something for Every Budget

With such a a great variety of Kauai accommodations to choose from, first time visitors can get a little overwhelmed. The good news is that there's something to fit nearly every style, preference and buget. Let us help you find the right place for your Kauai Vacation.

Hotels and Resorts

Kauai Affordable Accommodation | Kauai Accommodation

The most poplular Kauai accommodation includes the hotels and resorts. These are found in nearly every area of Kauai. From smaller hotels to larger luxury hotels and resorts, this type of lodging provides a great home-base for your vacation fun. Ammenities vary greatly but nearly all include swimming pools - a great way to relax - especially with younger children who can safely play in the shallow kiddie pool while parents look on and sunbathe.


Some rooms include a small kitchen or kitchen it - a great way to save on the time and expense of eating out for all your meals. Families can quickly grab a bowl of ceral and then start off on the days adventures. Of course, a wide array of dining options adjoin most Kauai accommodation choices.

For up-scale, primier hotels and resorts, don't miss our Luxury Hotels in Kauai page.

Bed and Breakfast

Looking for something a little more private and quiet and with more personalized service? You'll want to explore the many bed and breakfast inns, smaller inns, and guest houses on Kauai. Bed and breakfast inns are known for their custom room decor and delectible breakfast spreads. Check out the following pages to help you find the best Bed and Breakfast choices on Kauai.

Kauai Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals include multi-unit condos, beach home and cottages, neighborhood family homes, luxury homes and villas. The popular Poipu area offers a vast array of condo rentals - all within a short distance to award winning beaches. The benefit of booking a rental in the larger complexes is that they have many units and offer range of prices so they can easily find one to fit your schedule and budget.

Private vacation rentals are plentiful including some house rentals in family neighborhoods.

Smaller beach houses and cottages are offered both through rental agencies and private parties.

Luxury Rental Homes

Many travellers these days are looking for a first-class luxury Kauai accommodation. These include luxury rental homes and even luxury retreats with all their premium ammenities. Exquisite and spacious beach villa rentals are also available.

Discount Vacation Packages

You favorite Kauai accommodation may be offered as discounted vacation packages. These include lodging PLUS airfare packages and even some all inclusive resorts packages. The advantage here is cost savings and convenience of booking everything at once. Some packages include car rental, too.

In addition, our Kauai affordable accommodation page reviews several of our favorite inexpensive Kauai accommodation to further assist the budget-minded traveler.

Always Book Early

With thousands of visitors coming each month you'll want to make your reservations early if you want the best choices and prices. Take your time to check out what's available and you're sure to find the Kauai accommodation that's best for you.

For information see our Kauai Vacation Rentals page.

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