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Kauai is commonly known as the "Island of Discovery." Full of surprises, Kauai is a place to explore and enjoy. While staying at a bed and breakfast in Kauai, I began to enjoy life as never before. The air seemed sweeter; the sky seemed bluer; and even visiting my mother-in-law the next week seemed appealing.

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Staying at a bed and breakfast when in Kauai will allow to enjoy the personality of this amazing island. Owners of a Kauai bed and breakfast will be able to point you to secret coves, quaint shops, and interesting activities. For example, the owners of our bed and breakfast in Kauai where we stayed told us that Kauai is the only one of the islands with negotiable rivers, so they sent us on a kayaking trip, admittedly one of the best parts of our trip. As we paddled down the river, I realized that had we stayed in a hotel instead of a Kauai bed and breakfast, I might never have had the experience.


Not only can you enjoy kayaking in Kauai, but you can also take relaxing cruises along the river. Snorkeling and SCUBA diving are also popular pastimes, and your hosts at the bed and breakfast should be able to point you toward the best companies and best spots on the island.

Choosing A Kauai Bed and Breakfast

With hundreds of bed and breakfasts in Kauai, how do you choose which place to stay on your trip? Visiting the websites, finding out the prices, and reading reviews is a great place to start. Many bed and breakfasts have customer testimonial sections on their pages which are generally taken from their guest books; other peoples' feelings about the bed and breakfast will help you to understand the atmosphere of the Kauai bed and breakfast.

You will also want to think about what type of bed and breakfast you would enjoy. Some people do not like larger bed and breakfasts in Kauai, because they feel crowded in them. If you would prefer to be away and alone, a smaller bed and breakfast may meet your needs perfectly. You can also get ideas from friends who have visited Kauai in the past.

Whichever Kauai bed and breakfast you choose, have a wonderful time exploring the "Island of Discovery"!

Check out the following pages to help you find the best Bed and Breakfast choices for popular spots on Kauai.

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