Bed and Breakfast: Hanalei Bay Style

Bed and breakfast is Hanalei Bay. You can best experience the hospitality and culture of Kauai by staying in a bed and breakfast. The Kauai bed and breakfast accommodations have their own special flavor around Hanalei Bay. Romance and relaxation are the main atmospheres in the area of beautiful sandy beaches.

bed and breakfast hanalei bay

Finding the perfect bed and breakfast in Hanalei Bay can be difficult, but only because there are so many wonderful places to choose! Take a look at the reviews of just a few of these great places.


Bed Breakfast and Beach

Bed Breakfast and Beach is set in historic Hanalei City only a few steps from the beach. You will be able to visit the shimmering sands each morning before you have a delicious breakfast while looking out at the breathtaking 2,000 foot waterfalls set in the nearby cliffs. The rooms are decorated in a standard bed and breakfast style; Hanalei rooms use flowers just like every other bed and breakfast in the world. Shops and activities are located within walking distance, so you may not even need a car during your stay at the Bed, Breakfast, and Beach.

Hale Ho'o Maha

Just minutes from beautiful Hanalei Beach, Hale Ho'o Maha is a quaint little bed and breakfast retreat. With several rooms to choose from, you can enjoy your vacation or your honeymoon trip any way you want.

North Shore Bed and Breakfast

The North Shore Bed and Breakfast in Hanalei Bay is a just a short walk to the beach. You can also stay in a nearby cottage on the property and get the privacy of a cottage and the convenience of the bed and breakfast - the best of both worlds.

You may also want to call the Tourism Department to get a complete list of bed and breakfast in Hanalei Bay. New places are always opening, and they will have the most updated information. Being close to the beach is a priority for many, and you can enjoy your stay even more when the beach is just a few short yards from the front door.

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Bed, Breakfast, and Beach

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