Kauai All Inclusive Resorts
Buy One Package and Leave Your Wallet at Home

Throughout the past decade, more and more travelers have chosen all inclusive resorts as their preferred lodging while on vacation.  These resorts offer the vacationer everything they need for the perfect trip, including meals, activities, kid's clubs, and other amenities, all rolled up into one neat package.  Some all-inclusive vacations even include air travel.

all inclusive resort Kauai

All inclusive resorts are numerous throughout the islands of the Caribbean and in most of the major tourist areas of Mexico.  Locating such resorts in the Hawaiian Islands, particularly Kauai, can be a bit more challenging but certainly not impossible.  Unlike Mexico and the Caribbean, however, Kauai's all inclusive lodging may not offer every meal or all activities, but booking a stay at such a resort still eliminates the need for carrying lots of extra money and traveler's check or standing in line at restaurants.


How do these resorts differ?

While many resort hotels in the popular vacation towns of Princeville or Poipu Beach are loaded with amenities, activities, and restaurants, few offer the entire package like your typical all inclusive resorts.  Many will include breakfast with your accommodations and perhaps a dinner or two.  Some will offer all water sports and other favorite Kauai activities, while others do indeed include a kid's club program.  Additional Kauai resorts may allow you to book airfare along with your room reservations.

Many resort hotels offer all inclusive-type Kauai vacation package plans that vary throughout the year and may include meals, entertainment on premises, discounts on selected beach activity rentals, complimentary cocktail hours, and even hula lessons on the beach. 

Visitors to Kauai should carefully consider which features, activities, or amenities are most important when considering lodging and Hawaiian-style all inclusive resorts.  If meals on-site are essential, search for accommodations that include all or most of your meals.  For travelers who consider a little down-time away from the kids to be an important part of any Kauai trip, look for a resort with supervised children's activities. 

For a different kind of all inclusive vacation, families might consider "adventure vacations" that include accommodations at local inns or guest houses, most meals, great activities like biking, hiking, and sea kayaking, and a chance to get to know the locals up close.  For more information on all-inclusive family adventures in Kauai, click on www.backroads.com

Choosing an All Inclusive Resort Style Vacation

While Kauai's all inclusive resorts may not represent the classic idea of the all inclusive vacation, there are certainly many excellent packages from which to choose.   Be sure to enjoy all that these wonderful resorts have to offer.

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